About Us

The Severance Lodge Club is a private community located on the eastern shore of Kezar Lake. The Club origins date back to the late 1800’s.  Founded as Brown’s Camps, a popular hunting and fishing destination, Severance has evolved into a private community of comfortable, well-appointed vacation homes with its own clubhouse and restaurant. The Severance community retains a sense of its rustic roots by blending in seamlessly amidst one of Maine’s most impressive remaining stands of white pine trees on its sixty acre property.  Severance Lodge Club is situated on the eastern shore of pristine Kezar Lake, offering spectacular arrays of color every evening as the sun sets behind the Presidential Range of the White Mountains to the west.  Carved by a glacier, Kezar Lake is ten miles long and one mile wide and has been rated as one of the most magnificent lakes in the world.


 100 Severance Lodge Road Center Lovell, ME 04016                                        (207) 925-3100

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